Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Tape

I watched the "orgy porn" tape. Mentioned it back when I first started looking through things from my old life and disregarded it almost immediately. Who wants to watch weird porno their dead father and insane mother used to use? However, after finding that weird "robed figures" picture and reading KatieChainsawful's comment, I decided to give it a second look.

It was among the most disturbing things I have seen in my life. And I've seen a lot the past few months.

It starts out like bad, amateur porn. Just a bunch of white guys, from twenty-somethings to a sixty year old, doing a bunch of white women, in about the same age range. The weirdest thing about the first thirty minutes is just the location. A bunch of brick, torches hanging off the walls, archway in the back leading into darkness.

After about a half an hour, there's this really loud shout that instantly breaks up the party. Everyone just stops, gets up, and basically stands at attention. Walking through the dark archway are five people, robed in purple, hoods pulled up; exactly like in my drawing.

The leader of five begins speaking in some language I didn't understand at all. It almost sounded like Latin or Greek. All I'm certain of is that it definitely wasn't English. And then the three turned around and walked back down the corridor, all the naked orgy participants following, one grabbing the camera to continue filming the proceedings.

The walk through the passage takes a good five minutes. There's some idle chatter between people in the dark. Hell, two of the guys are talking about sports teams. Once they get through the black corridor, there's another room lit by torches. And this is where I lost it and threw up.

Chained on an altar almost precisely like the one in my drawing, symbol and all, is a young girl. She's probably no more than eight years old, stripped bare and tied down to the cold stone like some sort of ancient offering. I could hear the sounds of her sobs for the rest of the recording.

What I can only imagine is the leader of this crazed gathering stands tall on a podium just offset from the stone table the girl is chained on. Arms raised high, he begins to preach. I may not know what language they were speaking, but mad, religious preaching sounds the same in any of them. And you could start seeing the tension, this strange mix of fear and excitement flow through the crowd. The leader begins chanting, throwing his hood back to reveal an old, bearded man. His blue eyes are haunting, filled with insanity.

All the naked people started chanting along. It sounds something like "exilliss evearto". The terror and apprehension seems like it's a literal being in the room with them. The four other robed crazies throw their hoods back. Two are pretty unremarkable: one man, one woman, probably in their forties.

The other two are my mother and father. And I threw up again.

And then everything on the tape goes to shit. This shadows passes through the room. Some people begin screaming, some cheering, some just standing in awed silence. They're all looking towards the altar. The man with the camera turns to catch it in shot...

The entire picture falls apart. It's all blur and distortion. Outside of the color of brick lit by torchlight and patches of black shadow, nothing can be made out. My television's speakers let loose this awful, inhuman screeching noise. And it was loud. Despite having the volume set to lower than normal, I'm surprised my speakers were capable of creating that intense of noise.

I tried to mute it and start fast-forwarding to see if it would clear up, but the tape refused to work. All it did was screech and keep playing this twisting, incomprehensible image. The only way to make it stop was to unplug the VCR. I'm afraid to plug it back in, in case the noise starts again.

I've been shaking ever since. As if those events weren't twisted enough, my parents were involved. My parents... I need answers, and only my mother has them. I still haven't decided if I want to "Return" or "Orestes", but I have to understand what was going on in that tape now...

God, that little girl...


  1. Well, if you catch your mother in a lucid state, which from the sounds of it is pot luck, you might be able to get some answers re: this video. However, the setting, with its red brick walls etc, sounds like your forest-side building, so whatever way you look it at it, you have an opportunity to get some answers about this.
    I, for one, would not want to unsettle you, so I would recommend doing whatever feels less unsettling to you personally.

  2. Damien....I can't imagine what it was like seeing all of that. Reading the description about what you saw makes me regret the suggestion to watch the video. I understand that you need answers, but please proceed with caution!! Don't do this alone.

  3. Damien,
    read my comment on "Unearthing memories" for my theory. Adding to it, was your father's face visible? If so, was anything strange about it? He wore a suit in your old picture and he was also the tallest thing in said picture, too. I believe that if Slenderman has been around since the Middle Ages, he may or may not be or be posessing your father.
    Stay Strong.
    Chip the 3rd

  4. Curious. The distortion is a hallmark of Slender Man's presence. I would not be surprised to find that the girl was being sacrificed to him.

    The shadows beneath the window-pane have grown quite long indeed, and I am beginning to worry.

  5. Im guessing that you had a sister at one point. And thats who that was. Really morbid i know, but there it is. Anyways, im eager to catch up, hopefully if nothing to apocalyptic has happened, i can be of assistance.