Monday, July 19, 2010

Unearthing Memories

I got back from the storage facility a few hours ago. Have several boxes full of old notebooks, video tapes, drawings, photos... Anything that held old memories. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to a VHS player so I called around to work buddies and got a hold of one. Only now getting to go through the tapes... Been a lot of unmarked old Disney movies so far. And a weird porno that must've been my parents. Sick.

I did find this in the box with the tapes. Based on Uncle Eddie and Max being there, I'd say I probably drew it when I was seven.

I'll keep you all posted on anything else I find.


  1. Stay strong Damien, we're behind you.

  2. Damien, I've noticed something. The figure marked "Daddy" is tall and wears a suit. Sound familiar. I think that's why Slendy wants you. He needs his "son".

    Stay Strong.
    Chip the 3rd.

  3. heh



    So what happened to Max and Eddie?

  4. oh my god all your family are slendermen
    look theyre all as tall as trees XD

  5. Is that the Operator Symbol on the window?