Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arsonist's Return

I just woke up to find two old, childhood drawings tucked beneath my pillow. One, I had written off as totally unrelated to anything. The other... too personal to post. Apparently, TheArsonist thinks otherwise.

On the back of each drawing were two words, and a signature from my alter ego. Seems like I'm, once again, doing something wrong, and he feels like he needs to step in to get me going...

"Choose: Return"

I recognize this place. It's an old building in the forest/park behind my old house. Emily, Ted, and I always used to play near it, usually something to do with space cops or magic knights. I don't actually remember what was inside, since the front door was always locked. Not a huge building, but it was a landmark back when I was younger.

"Choose: Orestes"

I didn't want to post this... I remember I drew this while in psychological counseling after my father's murder. I guess it's how I viewed my mother then; how I still view her today. "Orestes" isn't quite as straightforward in telling me what I'm supposed to be choosing as "Return". Perhaps this is TheArsonist telling me to go question mother...?

So, I now have a choice: an old building in the woods, or a mad parent in an asylum. I don't particularly like either option, but TheArsonist thinks I should do this. I'd like an outside opinion on this. My gut instinct is to "return" to the building, but that's likely just me wanting to avoid mother. Your thoughts would be appreciated...


  1. I don't like what your alter ego is trying to tell you, Damien. In Greek mythology, Orestes killed his mother to avenge her murder of his father. If you do choose to visit your mother, please make arrangements to keep her safe from your own hand; it won't do anybody any good if you are arrested and locked away while this monster is on the loose. the myth, Orestes was plagued by pursuing horrors *after* he killed his mother. I hate to suggest it, but is it possible there's something else you've worked hard to repress?

    Orestes' mother killed his father because the father had made a ritual sacrifice of their daughter, Orestes' sister. Those hooded figures in one of your drawings makes me wonder if there's something truly horrible you need to unearth from your subconscious.

  2. I'm interested by Matt's comment, that's some interesting history right there. I agree with Matt mostly. I think the relatively safe option at this point would be to investigate the house.

  3. Got to the house 1st but be safe it's it near trees. The other option sounds a little too violent.

  4. You know, I'd hate to be reading too much into this, and I hope you don't find this too personal, but judging from that picture of your mother all bloodied up, and judging from that previous picture of those people in the cult-like robes...

    ...I have an awful feeling that the death of your father was the result of more than just one of your mother's insane outbursts.

    One of the figures in that "cult" picture seems somewhat short. It may be a depiction of yourself engaged in some ritual which you no longer remember.

    Your mother probably knows more about this whole mess than we previously thought.

    My opinion? Go visit your mother in the asylum. She may be able to explain the significance of what's depicted in those drawings. And besides, a visit to an asylum where there are plenty of medical staff around seems a lot safer than a visit to an isolated building in the middle of a wooded area.

    One last thing. If TheArsonist is the one supplying these glimpses into your childhood, perhaps the person we now call "TheArsonist" is older than we think? Perhaps YOU don't remember some of the things that happened during your childhood, but HE does?



  6. This blog is the only one to actually make me cry. Seeking Truth was really Badass- this one was so sad.