Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amelia's fine, at least physically. Her mother was in a serious car accident yesterday, and was brought into the ER in critical condition. Being the sort of girl she is, Amelia immediately got in her car and sped off to be with her family. They live about six hours away, and my love's phone died less than an hour into her trip. So she's okay. Not sure how well she is emotionally since her mom is in a terrible state, but she's still okay.

So much for getting on with life, though. My reaction to losing touch with her was extreme, to the point where I was screaming at Emily over the phone when she tried to calm me down. Ted's death is still hanging over my head... And TheArsonist's warnings continue to frighten me. Whoever they are, they're clearly insane, yet something about those posts chill me to the bone.

Still, I'll be sleeping with my .22 tonight...


  1. At least she is still alive. I hope her Mom will be okay.

  2. I'm glad Amelia's okay, and I'm hoping her mother pulls through okay. It's clear this whole ordeal still has you shaken.
    And just in case you hadn't checked, or didn't know, Mr. Arsonist has been up to his old tricks again. I'm a little concerned about this whole situation. Looks like he's not going to "cease to be" just yet.
    TheArsonist's new post

  3. Get the fuck away from there, dude, it's starting again! The asshole hacking your blog may be a husk of a human, but they're right! You are in deep shit and will get the people around you in deep shit too!

  4. @Katie/Jonathan:
    Thanks you both for your concern. Amelia's staying up there for the next few days to be with her family. She told me her mother is in stable condition, but will likely be in the hospital for another day or so.

    As for TheArsonist... I've decided to try and ignore him for the time being. It seriously seems like he's either truly insane or just a troll.

    Look, I appreciate your concern. I really do. I even checked out your blog. If Slender Man is, by some act of cosmic lunacy, real, maybe you can help some people.

    But this is real life. Ted was killed in what was almost certainly a homophobic hate crime. The similarities to Mr. Slim does nothing more but prove it was a bunch of bigoted idiots with Internet access and a sick sense of humor.

    This is my life. I'm not letting it crumble in front of me.



    Just wanted to put that out there, she drove for five hours without a phone.
    Make sure she's with someone at all times; homophobic or not, murderers like that won't stop at anything, right?

  6. Glad to hear that her mom is doing better. Does Amelia have to make the drive back alone? I don't think she should!!

  7. Just be careful. Even if it is some crazy murderer, shooting them in the face, or trying to, doesn't always work (especailly when your aim is bad or he takes the gun from you before you can use it). Stay alert. Want to keep your life, have to keep your head straight too.

  8. LI

    This is somewhat less horrible news, which is to say it is less horrible than Amelia being hurt.

    It is still pretty horrible, as far as horrible news goes.