Saturday, July 24, 2010


Three days since the last update... As far as I'm aware, I spent all of Thursday and Friday asleep. Unless, that is, I'm being hit by Slender Man's infamous memory loss. Or worse, perhaps TheArsonist is taking over again...

Anyways, whatever. I've gone through all five boxes of stuff and have found nearly nothing. No Operator symbols, no allusions to a business man hanging around, no childhood friends disappearing - nothing.

I scoured all the old family photos and, outside of my dad in his suit occasionally making be do a double take, they're clean. The video tapes... well, I'll admit that there was this weird ass "orgy in a dank basement" porn of my parents that I didn't bother to watch through because that would just be sick but, other than that, those were alright to. No distortion, no damage, no Slender.

My old writings up until I turned ten are about as lucid and make as much sense as any child's works. Lots of stories involving myself, Emily, and Ted on adventures around the forest outside my house, running away from giant spiders and masked villains. A few about evil wizards being fought off by Batman and the Power Rangers. Ya know, childhood fantasy.

After ten, a lot of the writing dries up. There's the occasional disturbing page of how I felt after my mother killed my father, like the one explaining she must have had a spider in her brain that took control of her and made her do it... Not much there either.

Finally, the drawings. There's the Spider one I already posted, which was strange but not enough to ring any massive bells. I was about to give up on everything, when I found this drawing. Something about it does NOT feel right to me. I've been trying to explain it away as an illustration from one of my stories, but it... it just feels wrong. I get nauseous just looking at it. It's not Slender Man. It's just... weird.


  1. That's an interesting picture you found, Damien. The symbolism and detail on the (I want to say) altar, seems a bit too detailed for a ten year old kid and all in all it seems a lot like some kind of stereotypical high magick ceremony. I can't find anything on a cross topped with a triangle, but a cross rising from a triangle (cross and triangle) is a symbol of high magick as practised by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, in fact it's the inverted version of the symbol you drew.
    Weird, but probably not related...

  2. More than likely not related to much, something that you may have seen on TV?
    I mean, when I was a kid, I thought the whole fantasy thing was cool and made up symbols myself and probably would have thought that those robed people were like... mages. Idk. Maybe they're those evil wizards you talked about.
    Doesn't seem too creepy to me.

  3. I could be (totally) off base here, but I'm thinking that the basement porn might be worth a look. Have anyone that would watch it for you? When I think orgy, I think of a ceremonial cult that holds rituals in dark places with secret alters...Kind of what your artwork looks like here.

    I watch a lot of fucked up movies. Maybe I'm reaching...? Probably. Just a thought!

  4. There's a lot of fucked up shit out there, dude, not all of it is Slenderman. Just because He's not in the pictures doesn't mean something's not up.

  5. How to start your own cult in six easy steps.


    It is so easy that a kid can do it!


    Things that go bump.