Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old Fear

I found this image clipped to a school assignment where we were supposed to write down our worst fears. Considering the drawings of the legs and a certain part in what I wrote, I thought this was worst posting.

(Edited for spelling)
I'm afraid of spiders. They crawl around and bite you when you're sleeping. You can get poisoned and die! I'm really scared of big spiders coming out from under my bed and eating me when I'm asleep. I have bad dreams about them and the spider-man getting me. In comics spider-man is nice but not in my dreams. He wants to take me away. I'm really really scared of spiders.


  1. Slenderman is often described as having tentacles. probably relevant. interesting how it's just dreams and not described as real events. maybe even then you were suppressing. who knows... though I can't dream so, that might be a stretch.

  2. Typo above the pic btw.

    The only relevant thing I would see here is the tentacle-squiggly spiderlegs.

  3. For me, it was the the spider legs and the reference to a "spider-man". Slender Man and his tentacle legs could be mistaken from a distance. That was my reasoning for this being relevant.

    That, and I just haven't found much else worth posting on here from the box.

  4. No crosses, x's, coordinates, or strange writing?

    Good. That's healthy. >___>;

  5. Things that go bump in the night.

  6. I misread Chuckleslord's post. I thought he said "Slenderman is often described as having testicles."