Friday, June 4, 2010


What. The. Fuck. Is. This?

I wake up this morning, Ted’s gone (presumably to see Simon), and this is waiting for me in a box on the front porch. Yeah, that’s right. It’s another ToTheArk mask. But this one’s different from Ted’s first one. Trust me, I went and checked to make sure it wasn’t mister gay best friend using the same mask to pull another prank. This one is much, much better designed. There is no way in hell Ted made this. It’s far too well-crafted.

And that isn’t all that was in the box. There was a piece of paper, just a scrap thrown into the box without any apparent thought. The front contained the classic Marble Hornets operator symbol (ya know, O with an X through it…). On the back was a jumble of letters. Yes, like a Slender Blog. If I wasn’t living it, I wouldn’t believe it. Here’s what I’ve got...

selfseac fheteac eywohnu orf

I’m not sure if the spacing is deliberate or a red herring. That’s definitely a “for” and the end, but there’s a “self” as well, so that all seems much too easy. Don't have the time to solve it right now, since I've got work in ten. Definitely going to puzzle over it then. That wasn't all that was in the box, though. On another slip of paper was a small, childish drawing… of a burning city with a tall, skinny man looming over it…

I can only presume this is a prank, and hopefully one by Ted (guessing he got someone ELSE to make the mask. Maybe Simon's good with a brush...). If it's not him, well, bastard better get ready for a showdown because I do NOT take kindly to pranks that aren’t from someone I know. Especially ones involving knowing where I live and what I’m doing on the Internet. So, if you’re reading this, back the hell off. Or I will find you, and what happens won't be pretty.


  1. I found the words: self case the face when you for: when I unscrambled it.

  2. Holy fucking shit. I'm browsing through your blog, haven't read it yet, but that mask is very VERY strongly related to Marble Hornets.

    Search it on Youtube, and watch all of the entries, plus the introduction, and the responses that "totheark" posted.

  3. Just now reading this from the beginning so I'm sure this is long since solved, but I'm pretty sure that says "For when you face the faceless".

  4. So much for "This is Not a Slender Blog".

    This irony is so staggering it might as well have punched me in the face. My fucking face hurts.

    OH YEAH!

  5. Like Eljacko said, HOLY SHIT LITERARY DEVICES.

    Subtlety? What's that?

  6. lml perfect history. I love marble hornets, and would love to have the mask of totheark XDDD



  9. Jeez, Everyone is terrorized diferrently then me.