Saturday, June 5, 2010

Work and Words

I... had an incident yesterday at work. Kinda yelled at an older woman for trying to evangelize at me. I mean, between the weird ass "mask in a box" and not having my antidepressants and the incident with mother, I was stressed out really bad all day (and no Amelia to help cool me down), but I shouldn't have taken it out on an elderly lady. Yes, people forcing their religious bullshit on me pisses me off, but she didn't deserve that.

I got severely reprimanded for the incident. Was told I'd be under watch for the next week, and if it happened again I would be terminated immediately. I have rent to pay. I have to buy food. I've got dates to go on. I may have had the test money for staying off my meds, but I'm probably going to go back on my old stuff since I got the last check for the trial. It isn't worth ruining my life for some extra cash.

Ted still isn't home, so I can't confront him about the whole "mask" thing. I'm pretty sure it's him. If not, maybe my younger brother and his girlfriend have gotten in on the act (made the mistake of introducing them to Marble Hornets a week or so back). I know all of them well enough that I should be able to spot a lie if they try to say it isn't them. I hope it's them. I don't need some weirdo trying to make my life an ARG...

Anyways, a nice fella went ahead and decoded the word scramble for me in the comments, and got this result...

self case the face when you for

I went ahead and took a look at this compared to the original scramble, and I'm starting to think the spacing was deliberate to make words into more recognizable chunks, as well as to show one little thing I have a theory on: the scramble is a sentence backwards.

In that case, we have something like "For when you face the..." self case? case self? Something seems significantly off here, so I checked if there were any other words that "selfseac" could make...


"For when you face the faceless"

Great. Just great.


  1. Ah, so I was off by just a bit. Oh well.

    As for the message, look out. Sounds like someone is warning you about the Slender Man. A fake one most likely, but still. If you see one anytime soon, don't hesitate to tell us.

  2. May have been off, but you definitely gave me the help I needed.

    I'm honestly not worried about an "actual" Slender Man. I don't buy the tulpa thing, and I know he's fictional. What I *am* worried about is a creepy Internet stalker with a Slender fetish and a twisted sense of humor...

  3. this is down right terrifying... keep up the good work when i read the last part chills down my spine =)

  4. Anonymous totally called it. This may be the greatest achievement of his long and illustrious career. I wouldn't know. He achieved them all anonymously. Ba-dum tsh and all that shit.

    Also, wear the mask when you meet Slendy. That is all.