Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I've made up my mind about all of this Slender-Stalker crap. A fantastic night's rest at Amelia's place helped clear out the cobwebs and paranoia like nobody's business.

It's day two of "Three days. Sweet dreams." Whatever happens, happens tomorrow. I presume it'll happen at my home, since that's the only place Mr. Creepy has decided to send any of his/her harassing little games to. Nothing happened while I was with Amelia (thank non-existent-god, since I'm keeping her in the dark about this, not wanting to worry her and all), and nothing has happened at work. This leads me to believe that Slender-Stalker only knows where I live, or, at least, wants to keep it between the two of us.

So, I've decided to not let this shit effect me anymore. I'm done keeping Watch This City Burn on hiatus. I'm done hiding at my girlfriend's house. I'm even done trying to figure out who's behind this. I'm going to stay at my house tonight, go to work, and then wait and see what (if anything) happens tomorrow. It's probably nothing, anyways.

I'm done worrying. If Slender Man himself shows up at my doorstep, I'll let him in, give him a hug, and bake him a nice key lime pie. If it's an Anon prankster, well, he gets to meet Mr. Bat and Mr. Cop. If it's someone I know... gotta give 'em credit, they're putting Ted to shame as far as massive pranks. But whatever happens, happens. That's all there is to it.


  1. That answers my question over on Watch This City Burn, then. Good luck with all this stuff that's been happening to you.

  2. Please be careful. You seem like the kind of person I would hang with. I don't want to see you ending up dead from either a freak or slendy.

    Say! You should probably keep that mask with you just in case. Maybe even go so far as to wear it.

  3. Don't forget, you ever need someone to hold you tight, I'm in the room right next door ;). And if Slender Man does eat your organs, let me know so I can record it :P

    But seriously, I hope you're right that this is nothing to worry about. If not, I'll be right there with you with my own Mr. and Mr. Fist to help Mr. Bat. No one fucks with my best friend. Other than me someday. And your girlfriend.

  4. Just be careful. Keep your phone on you at all times in case something happens.

  5. mIghT i recommend an ice cold cHocolate mIlk? Not that I find you irKsome. You Ought oUght to Aggravate a fineR existEntial Slice of the ribbon. Can you maR thE Wondrous pullEys of noD?

  6. think you are screwed


    Thats what the user above me said. Dont know why i had to point that out.

    I just did.

  7. Thank you, pointer-outer. Saved me some time.

  8. Except he missed the "I".
    The message is "I think you are screwed".