Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Eve will die next"

Okay, so... here's the score. A lunatic that's basically claiming to be the purest essence of truth has come out of the woodwork, hacking my account, to tell me my best friend in the world is the first person of many to die unless I stop it.

I can't decide whether to laugh it off from how cliche and seemingly fake it is, or be totally terrified because it could be true.

Who is Eve? A comment seems to imply she's not Amelia (thank god, if I lose her...), but you never know with madmen. Who's the one killing all these people? Is it the hacker? Is it someone else? Is it unrelated and this is just some guy on the Internet playing with me?

I'm already seriously stressed out. Ted's funeral was attended by all of four people (Simon, Amelia, myself, and one of his work friends). I've actually heard whispers about how it's "good someone is killing the fags". I came so close to beating the skull in of whoever said it, but it was someone in a group of teens. I didn't know who it was, and I likely would have been the one going to a hospital in the end.

My work has suffered. The store manager is being lenient with me because of the death, but I'm not sure how long the free ride will last. It's just... I'll be doing my work, helping customers and putting stuff away, when I'll suddenly flashback to finding Ted. The way he hung from that tree, the massive pool of dried blood on the ground beneath him, that terrible creaking sound as he swayed in the wind.... And I'll have to run to the bathroom and my productivity goes into the shitter.

I haven't been able to sleep at all, for pretty much the same reason. I keep having nightmares that I'm next. I'll be walking through the forest, and suddenly be beneath that goddamn tree. Someone strikes me from behind. Next time I wake up, I'm hanging next to Ted. I look down, and my guts are spilling out of me. I turn to look at Ted's body, and his head turns back to me and he smiles. Spiders crawl from his mouth and nose as he whispers, "At least I'm not alone anymore."

The only thing I have left is Amelia. I'm even probably going to lose the house I'm renting since I can't hold up both halves of the payment by myself. But I still have her. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me. She even offered to let me stay with her, if it comes to that. I have no idea what I'd do without her.

My life's become a miniature hell, and just as I'm recovering (I actually slept well a few nights ago), this shit happens with Watch This City Burn. I'm sick of this. I just want my life back. I'll take it by force, if I must...


  1. I know this is probably not the best time to ask, but have you replaced your meds since you got rid of the experimental ones? It seems to me that now would be a good time to make sure you've got something medicinal to keep you on an even keel mentally.
    I hope you don't think I'm meddling, I'm just concerned for you and your mind.

  2. I'm actually on an upped dose of my original meds right now. Considering all the added stress of Ted's death, my doctors are considering putting me on something stronger.

    I'm personally worried about switching medications yet another time, but they probably know better than I do. For now, I'm back on what I know works.

  3. Well, that's a good start, anyway. You'll need all the mental fortitude you can muster to get through this. I can assure you that there are people following your blog who will help in any way they can.

  4. If Ted is your 'Adam', as this guy has mentioned, then wouldn't 'Eve' be whoever was Ted's significant other?

  5. Not to be a dick, but why and/or how were you able to wander upon Ted's corpse in the tree? During an investigation, there would be no way police would allow you passage, and I'm sure they wouldn't release gruesome details without ample forewarning. Also, with such an occurrence, there must be a pretty big case opened up.

  6. Before finding the body, it was presumed that Ted had simply gone missing. Since I was the closest thing he had to family, I talked my way into the search party that went out into the forest.

    And, yes, there IS a massive investigation going on right now considering that Ted, Emily, Vincent, and one of three missing children were found ripped apart in similar ways. They're calling the killer the "Midwest Mangler", but they have no leads, and no idea how the killer accomplished some of the more improbable acts.

  7. Whoa. Wait. Why didnt you tell us about whoever Emily and Vincent were? Thats reall important dude.

  8. Oh great. "Emily" and "Vincent". Talk about unreliable narrator, leaving out important details... *sighs* Plus, I bet if I googled "Midwest Mangler", nothing would come up. If Ted was real, or any of this was real, I think we would've heard about it on the news or SOMETHING. I mean, the media EATS this kinda gruesome shit up.
    Well, I still think this is a very interesting Slenderblog. It's unnerving, that's for sure. Which is what all Slenderman mythos stories should be... they should blur the line between reality and fiction. Whole point of an ARG, right? XP

  9. Obvious person is obvious. :D