Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally... relaxed :) (Also, some notes on Watch This City Burn)

Finally had a good day after the meds and mother incidents. I mean, yes, I had to spend 7 hours at work today. Normally, that's a massive bummer. Today, though, I got to spend it with Amelia and with my manager having the day off. That basically meant I wasted the entire day away helping the most wonderful girl in the world with her tasks instead of getting shouted at by an asshat. To say it was nice is an understatement.

I got home around 7:00 to find Ted in his room watching television (meaning I didn't have to listen to him and Simon getting their freak on), and leftover burgers out on the table. Slapped the meat between some buns, shouted a thanks to Ted, and went here in my room.

Did my daily wanders throughout the Internet. The big news is that someone on Unfiction's Marble Hornets forum found Watch This City Burn the other day. This brought three realizations to the table which I feel like mentioning and discussing here (particularly considering this person has also found THIS blog and posted it there as well, so this may actually reach my audience).

1. The quality of Watch This City Burn

It appears as though several readers find the writing "meh" or "boring" and the story "shallow". Another mentioned the lack of build-up before going full on Slender Blog. I will admit to these being issues. My single excuse is admitting that I rushed into the whole business. I got very excited by the idea of writing my own "Marble Hornets" or "Seeking Truth" that I pulled the trigger at the first chance I took. I got a basic concept, a few puzzle ideas, and went for it.

As for the quality of the writing... Part of that comes from the knee-jerk creation, the other lack of time. With work and Amelia and a general lack of planning, posts are written quickly whenever I get hints of inspiration. It's something I'll be working on as the series progresses.

2. Dreams Of Darkness - Slender Blog?

This one honestly cracked me up, bringing a much needed smile to my face after the past two days. As I mentioned above, the user that discovered my blog posted this one along with it, so now some people think this blog could become a side-story. While I see how this could be presumed (obsessive mentions of Slender Man, dark imagery, weird events), I swear it isn't the case. This is my personal blog. It will always be Damien O'Connor's personal blog. And that's final.

3. Troll

This ties slightly into #1. I've gotten two comments on Watch This City Burns. The first was an in-character post, presumably from whoever first posted WTCB on Unfiction. That guy I'm cool with. In fact, it'd be great if he came along again and worked on solving the puzzle I have up there so I can move the story forwards.

The problem is "." No, seriously, that's the username this person used. On my latest post, they posted a comment saying "6d 6f 63 6b 65 72 79". I'm a nerd. I know Hexidecimal when I see it. A quick run through a translator tells me this guy (or girl, fair to both sexes here) thinks my blog is a "mockery", presumably of good Slender Blogs. That's great. Really, it is. I even applaud the use of silly codes like most SB's use. However, it'd be great if you actually added something useful to all this.

So, with that MASSIVE wall of text out of the way (SORRY!), I've got some Torchwood to watch. Hopefully tomorrow is as good as today, and I can work on turning Watch This City Burn around to hook some of those potential followers out there. Until then... :)

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