Monday, May 31, 2010

Slender Blog

So, I went ahead and made my Slender Blog today. You can find it at Watch This City Burn. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure on where I'm going to go with it, but I do have a few ideas that I think are somewhat interesting. If you're out there, anywhere, and you're watching this, go check the site out...

But here's the odd thing. I told Ted about the whole idea, and he immediately got a little... antsy. Thought that was strange enough, and then I showed him the paper with my "Marble Hornets's Alex-style" writing on it. I don't think I've ever seen his eyes more wide for that split second. He then immediately calmed down and told me he'd be more than willing to help out with the project. I started to think he was just messing with me on his reaction, or maybe was surprised at how awesome the paper turned out. But it just was weird when it happened...

And then, just a few minutes ago, I went into the kitchen to grab a granola bar. Went to throw the wrapper in the garbage can, and I see my paper, ripped to shreds and tossed in with the waste. I confronted Ted about it, but he claims he figured I was done with it so I wouldn't need it. While it's true I don't need it any more, it would've been very nice for him to ask first, and he certainly didn't need to rip it up. Weirdo :P.

Anyways, i'm due to call Amelia in a little bit when she gets off work, and I'm not much of one for multitasking, so I'm off. Forgot how great relationships can be, at least at the start :)


  1. Wow. So you are doing a Slender Blog. After seeing all of the other material and seeing firsthand what happens to people who get into the whole Slender Man business that far.

    This may be the worst idea OF ALL TIME.

  2. ...A slenderblog... Being made by someone... In a slenderblog...

    Yo dawg, I heard you like Slenderman...


  4. ya know i would read the other blog if the backround didnt hut my eyes you should change it love this by the way

  5. i played a game called slender 2d i only collected 4 notes slender kept coming i was trapped for 10 hours