Sunday, May 9, 2010

Been a while

Bleh. Haven't written in a few days so I figured I'd pop back in real quick.

Work sucks. Amelia called in sick on Thursday so I didn't get to see that gorgeous curly, red hair bobbing about the aisles or hear that voice as we chatter and flirt. She wasn't scheduled Friday/Saturday either, so I've been completely beautyless for the past four days. Also, did I mention work totally sucks? I hate working retail. As soon as I graduate, I'm going straight into engineering and not looking back...

Ted is still at the gaming convention/get-together until later tonight. He's been texting me since he left on Friday. I've apparently missed out on Team Fortress 2 LAN and someone actually brought the Doctor Who RPG! NO FUCKING FAIR. Biggest damn Doctor Who nerd on the planet (okay, not that much. Just a fan of the new ones...) and I miss out on playing the pen-and-paper version because of stupid work. He says it wasn't that great, but he's not a massive DW fan (he "respects" it. Whatever...).

Other than those two things, it sounds like I just missed the usual: pizza, D&D, Arkham Horror, etc. Ted apparently had a raging good time, and made enough new buddies to rub it all in my face. Strangely enough, he's been sending these odd texts about a "slender man" and "marble hornets" on Youtube. Must be some meme I've missed or something.

Anyways, I gotta go get food for errands. Ted gets back in a few hours so I'll grill him then on if he befriended the guy with the Doctor Who book so I can try and get my hands on it... Try to update again later...


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    1. Ah,the joys of TF2. If only I didn't have a fucking Mac Glitch I'd be playing right now.