Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Calm, peace, tranquility...

Yeah... kind of had an outburst this morning, as all of you (which is none of you, since there are none who read this blog) saw. Last night, Ted and I were out at the mall. Ted was doing his usual sexual harassment schtick, and I played my part as both willing recipient and unwilling refuser. It's just a game we've played ever since Ted came out of the closet. We even used to do it when I was dating Kiera (which annoyed her to hell and back whenever I jokingly reciprocated his advances). Some old fart decided to get in our faces, preaching the "ways of God" and all that jazz.

Now, I have nothing against the nice Christians. I mean, you know even the polite ones are still judging you. It's in their eyes. But still, I can stand them. Hell, they're generally a better class of person than your typical asshole. However, I cannot stand the biggoted ones. What's more, I can't stand when someone insults a friend. It's even worse when it's my best one, and it's happening in front of me.

I went off like a firecracker, which is very, very rare. Ted had to pull me away from the man, and we were actually stopped and talked to by mall security. Fortunately, I'd cooled off at that point and Ted and I were allowed to continue on our merry way. Woke up this morning pissed off once more, so the earlier post happened... I'm a bit embarrassed by it now, but it did get me back on the blogging circuit...

Now today went fantastic, so I really don't mind yesterday anymore :). Amelia was at work, and we spent all day chatting and flirting whenever we could. Occasionally my manager would come along and he'd send me somewhere else, but I'd always find an excuse to return. Ended up setting up our second date for later this week. We're going to go see Iron Man 2 and then hit up the local coffee shop. That's right. I'm taking a girl to an action movie for a second date. Turns out she's a part-time comic geek thanks to her older brother. I knew from the start she was a catch :). It should be a great time...

Oh, and I promised a photo of Ted's ToTheArk mask about a week ago after he spooked the hell out of me, so here it is :). As you can see, Ted isn't the most artistic type, but it's not a horrific replica...


  1. The way you nearly punched out that old geezer to defend my honor was so damn sexy, dude. I am seriously yours to take any time you please. :P

  2. I dunno that Amelia would like that much, but I'll keep in mind if I ever get lonely ;)

  3. Man, your banter cracks me up.

    My me overcracketh with banter. Eth.

  4. God I hate people who get up in your face about crap like that. You were right for getting on him.

  5. Actually, Totheark is not Masky.....

    1. You do realize that wasn't known when this blog was written?