Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's The Day...

Friday! Amelia. Me. Date. AWESOME! Gonna take her to Columbo's, get some nice Italian food, and lay on some woo. This'll actually be my first date in a while, ever since that relationship with Kiera fell through... But we won't talk about that. Bad shit. Today is a day for positive thoughts.

Ted is out at his office supply job, so I don't have to worry about him pulling anything today. I don't have work, so lots of time to prepare. Using it to make sure I'm all washed up and prepared for my date. I can't wait to see those freckles on that gorgeous, pale face in a place that isn't stupid work...

Which reminds me that I've gotta go apply around town since I don't feel like working in a department store anymore, so I need to start wrapping this up.

But first, Slender Man and Marble Hornets. That shit is freaking awesome, and now I understand why Ted loved it so much. All the Slender Man photos and stories are cool. Some are a bit cheesy, but a few are absolutely brilliant.

However, Marble Hornets... Wow. Just wow. I couldn't sleep well Wednesday night because of it. Didn't help I had a morning shift on Thursday. My asshole manager rode me like a cheap whore about coming into work tired, but what does he know. I spent the entire car ride there and back scanning treelines for Slender Man. Every time I went into the back room, I expected to see ToTheArk (Ted calls him Masky for whatever reason. Think that's stupid...) hanging around, waiting to pounce on me.

So, if there's anyone who actually reads this and wants to lose sleep over a brilliant student film thing, start here, and check out more...


Entry #1:


  1. You're not the only one scanning. Made me so paranoid...

  2. It's been speculated that Masky and ToTheArk are not the same person. Personally, I think that Masky is Tim and ToTheArk is Alex, trying to lead Jay in his own, cryptic, sort of way.

  3. ...Reading old MH speculations makes all jitteryish happy warm fluffy inside ^.^