Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big night...

So, tonight's my big night out with Amelia. Second date. Going to the 7:30 showing of Iron Man 2 and then to the coffee house next door. Honestly, if this goes well, I think I'm going to use the third to ask her to go stead. I seriously adore her so, so much... Uber nervous, so I'm going to babble a bit to distract myself.

Hey! In Flames! I posted that song the other day because I love it so goddamn much. It's almost my theme song, in some ways. I see myself as a pessimist sometimes, and that song just speaks volumes to me. In Flames, in general, is a band I love. While they started out as a death metal band (which I'm not a fan of), their evolution to a "lighter" sound (which is still MUCH heavier than what you'll hear on your typical radio play) really drew me in. Been working backwards through their catalogue, currently owning their last three albums...

Ted has a new... I don't want to call him a boyfriend so I'll go with "lover". Which is annoying because now I have to deal with additional noise every once in awhile. Fortunately, Ted's kind enough to try and mostly invite him over while I'm at work, but every once in awhile they're still "busy" by the time I'm home... Funny thing is, I've actually never even seen the guy. I think Ted said his name was Simon or something...

Recently discovered the Slender Man "side story" blogs that exist out there on the big, wide web. The things absolutely fascinate me. Right now, my favorite (by far) is Seeking Truth. It's the story of Zeke Strahm, a detective who is currently working on a string of murders and disappearances that may or may not tie back to Slender Man. Has a fantastic writing style that, while occasionally feeling cheesy, is also very engrossing.

One I've got an eye on is "alwayslookback", which is a relaunch of one of the original blogs. Unfortunately, that blog seems to have died out already, which really stinking sucks since I read the plans on the original and it sounded intriguing.

The last one I particularly like is A Rainbow Life. It's an odd title for a Slender Blog, but it's also got enough motion to it to make it worth keeping an eye on. I'm not sure it'll be as atypical as Seeking Truth, or if it'll stick to the old, basic stories, but we'll see :).

In all honesty, reading these blogs almost makes me want to make my own. I'll be sure to post a link here if I do. Not that that'll be good advertising at all since no one reads this but Ted, but still :P.

Anyways, gotta get ready for the date. Wish me luck!