Sunday, August 22, 2010

He's outside. He's been outside for the past day. Just standing there, watching me. Every once in awhile he disappears, but he always comes back within an hour or two. He's been moving closer with every reappearance. I'm not quite sure what to think about that.

I've spent the past day or so just looking back at him, trying to wrap my mind around something so incomprehensible. This thing has destroyed so many lives, could rip me apart if he really wanted to, yet all he's done is observe. Is it this stupid bone that's keeping him away? Does it really have some sort of mystical power over him, or is that just the mad beliefs of a cult leader who thought he was aiding a god? If it's the former, what is it about it that wards him off? If the latter... why am I still breathing?

Interesting thing to note: The neighbors don't seem to take any notice of him at all. They just drive or walk past without a second glance. Considering this whole Arsonist business, could it be that I'm seeing something that isn't real? Maybe he isn't. Maybe it's true, and he's only there because I believe he is. After the incident with my father's death, he didn't have any affect on my life until after I started Watch This City Burn. Does he need that tie to my imagination to connect into my reality? Is that why his primary victims are children? Because they have such a beautiful creativity that he can infect their thoughts and use them?

And, if he's a creature of belief, can I believe this ridiculous caveman bone will actually keep him away, or even destroy him? Would that work? Does that even make sense?

TheArsonist seems to think that there's some way to fight him off. I actually haven't had any encounters with my split personality since that night in the monster's lair. Is he biding his time? Did his encounter with that thing weaken him? I don't know.

God, he's closer now than when I started writing this. He's probably still fifty feet from my bedroom window, but it's still closer. Wonder what would happen if I went outside right now... I'm so tired of this.


  1. I'm not advocating going outside, but if you really want to, I'd recommend taking the bone out with you, just to test. That said, The Arsonist might take over and get him pissed off again, which isn't going to be healthy for anyone involved (except maybe the tall guy)...

  2. I wouldn't go outside, but if you stay inside, you aren't really accomplishing anything. So I say that next time he disappears, run.

  3. I think The Arsonist is in to help you as bad as he is he might know things about him that you dont.

  4. I still say you should try Science! Honestly, from what we understand of Mr. Happy right now makes it sound like he can't do anything to anyone who's not batshit insane/scared. Maybe that's what the bones? Some sorta placebo? That might be why TheArsonist hasn't got you killed yet with the stuff he's pulled.

    Sure, Mr. Happy charged you that one time. But do you really think he could have reached you if you didn't take over and dodge? Questions questions.

    Anyways bro. I say you go outside. During the day. And have some god damn fun. I don't care what kinda shit hole you live in manj, gotta be an arcade or movie theater around there someplace. Maybe a dollar theater?

    The other things I suggested in your last little post stand as well. Science! is your best bet right now.

    Btw, I wouldn't trust TheArsonist. At all. And I hope you don't get it into your head that doing so is a good idea. He might be a good tool to use to beat Mr. Happy but that's all he should be: a tool.

    Is a colon supposed to go there? Hrm...

    Anyways, try to enjoy yourself bro.

  5. The placebo idea is definitely one I'd go with.
    I guess you'd have to rule in the possible uses that this cult would make into the bone, though.

  6. Next time his gone try to leave, but take the bone with you, it might work better than nothing. It seemed to keep the cult members alive.

  7. Damien. I'm afraid it's time to get the fuck out of dodge, my friend.

    I don't like that bone. I think it helps SM get to you....Like an occult GPS of sorts. I wouldn't take it with you (if you decide to ruN).

  8. "...seriously just totally mad?"

    The bastard cannot be seen by those unafflicted, nor those he does not wish to be seen by.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    Watch that motherfucker.
    I hope that bone doesn't summon him...

  10. Good luck.
    Everyone is saying the bone is a ward Katie thinks it's an occult GPS. I personally think it's more of a weapon, like a club or something.

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  13. ^ Backwards, it is 'SET US FREE SLAIN ONE'.

    1. Oh hey! Someone else who reads these... someone from my year, 2012. I thought most people had given up on this blog. Stopped commenting or caring and whatnot.

      Can't say I blame them. Damien's goose seems to be thoroughly cooked, just from my looking at his twitter feed. That last tweet? Not too promising.

      Poor bugger. Brave bugger. Brave, brave son of a bitch. The Arsonist was a little too provocative though. Then again... if you're gonna go out, go out swinging. Or spitting in the Slenderman's face, as it were.

      Glad I'm not one of those people the Slenderman would ever bother with. I mean... assuming he was real. Because, hey, let's face it, I've been living neck-deep in this mythology since I was 16 or so and I'm not dead yet. So, as... UNNERVINGLY convincing as the ARGs can be... I know they're not real.

    2. Haha, to be fair, I've enjoyed almost all your comments, Cat. :) And it IS nice to see people are still peeking at this in the present. :3 I'd feel kinda lonely otherwise.

      Now, knowing this isn't real doesn't mean it isn't spooky and scary. To be fair, I keep turning around to see behind me; everyone else is in bed, got my little boy sleeping in his crib... And I'm downstairs with all the lights out, reading scary blogs. :D THIS WAS A GREAT IDEA!!