Monday, August 30, 2010

He was right here. He was right fucking here.

I fell asleep at... I don't even know what time it was. It was dark again when it happened, so I had probably been awake for over 40 hours. I just passed right out.

I woke up about three hours ago. He was in my room, standing in the corner. I don't think he knew I was awake at first. He was far more interested in the bone, holding up to where his face would be, seemingly examining it. I just lay there, trying to appear asleep while watching him.

When he continued to ignore me, I started slowly reaching my hand down the side of my bed. I've always slept with an old baseball bat. After what felt like hours, I wrapped my fingers around it. I prepared myself for my imminent demise. I ignored the foolishness of facing an unknown horror with a goddamn metal stick. This was it. Out with a blaze of glory.

But he must've seen me move, or sensed my heartbeat racing, or something. He looked at me. The bone fell to the floor. He took a single, lumbering step forward, and then disappeared right in front of me.

I've spent the hours since then constantly checking my house for any sign of him. The paranoia is killing me. But that isn't all.

Nothing about this thing is consistent. One minute he's passive, the next aggressive. Last night, he flung himself at my house trying to get in. Today, he simply appears inside. The bone warded him off previously. This time, he just casually inspected it. Watching him previously stopped him from pulling his disappearing act. I just saw him vanish before my eyes.

He's constantly changing. It's as though, with every encounter, he's never quite the same being twice. It's like there aren't any rules with him - he simply is.

How the hell do you fight that? How do you resist chaos?


  1. I resent that statement.
    Never, EVER, associate My name with that creature.
    It is a dire insult.
    What he does is what he knows will frighten you.
    He wants to wear down your mental defenses, so he can break and devour youl.
    Do not let him.
    How do you resist these constant changes?
    Either endure or adapt.
    Either way, discard your fear.
    It is the only weapon he has against you.
    You can fight him.
    You can win.

  2. Get rid of the bone, Damien. It's going to get you killed. I'm convinced now more than ever it's bringing him here, drawing him into our reality. And if he's actually hear, that means he's going to kill you. He's going to start getting a lot worse. He's been doing more and more unprecedented work ever since you got the bone, he's never kidnapped someone right before our eyes before, and he's never been able to just vanish before. He's never picked stuff up. The bone is making him real. Ditch it, NOW.

  3. Turtle said...
    Maybe there's more than one. The Slenderman that attacked last night could be very different from the one that examined your bone. That would explain the varied behavior yourself and others have observed.
    You've gotten the chance to report on more behavior and traits than anyone else Damien. That in and of itself is impressive.
    And ignore Gentleman Caller. I'm fairly certain he's either Hollowed Out already or is in the process.

  4. @anonymus/turtle. thats sounds good, if theres mutiple Slendermen, then meybe the one who tried to enter was an agrrasive slender man, and the recent one, an observant Slendy. this is all in thearory though.

  5. I'd rather imagine there's only one that acts erratically, thank you very much.

  6. On the other hand, Shannon, would you prefer many different Slendys that appear in different places all over the globe, or one Slendy that can be anywhere, at any time? I . . . kinda prefer the idea of the former, but that's kind of a lesser of two evils choice anyway.

    Damien. Listen. Be strong. Find something to comfort you and get you calm. Is there a book series that you read for fun? If so, read them. All of them. TV show that you enjoy? Watch it. Do something to get you in a comfortable, reasonable thought zone. I know you were trying meditation in order to connect with TheArsonist at one point. Try it again, but this time, simply for the benefit of the calm meditative state. I think the others are right when they say that Slendy feeds off fear. Get yourself in a mindset that is less prone to fear, and you'll be that much closer to beating him. As always, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe, and do not go gentle, my friend.
    ~The Quick

  7. There are always rules. We may not yet understand by which rules Slenderman acts, but he obviously can`t do everything. Stay calm and think about what you saw.

    You saw Slenderman examining the bone. You saw Slenderman disappear. He didn't attack, he didn't take the bone. I would go with the theory of multiple Slenderman.
    If there weren't, you would have probably already been killed while asleep.

    Try writing down what you saw him do until now and see if you can find any pattern to his actions. There have to be some.

    And one more thing.
    Try to get some sleep. Keeping yourself awake because of fear WILL make you unstable. You need sleep. Mind works wonders when rested.
    Good luck, God knows you need it.


  8. To be honest, the idea that the slender man displays any qualities that could be ascribed to a human terrifies me more than any amount of teleportation or evisceration.
    To think that it could possibly be an intelligent being, something with human or humanoid emotions and reasoning just scares the ever-loving shit out of me.
    Mainly because unlike a human, this thing cannot be reasoned with. If it has the intelligence of a human, or maybe more, then it can plot and scheme, it can figure out what to do.
    And that scares me more than it just being an unthinking engine of terror.

  9. I must certainly am not "hollowed out", Turtle. If you think about it, it makes sense. Has anyone ever seen Slendy attack someone? Ever? I mean actually physically hurt them? Physically touch ANYTHING before this? Because other than one moment in Alex's tapes where he pushes open a door, I haven't. I hold that normally, his power and what he can do increases with his hold over you. Alex is the only one Slendy has ever gotten that much hold over. However, the bone, the bone is doing something. I don't know if it's just attracting him, or making him stronger, but there has been unprecedented amounts of activity since Damien found it. Slendy has actually been physical. He's been openly antagonistic. The process of becoming corporeal may be very painful if it's that sudden, which would explain is sudden erratic behavior, again something we've never seen. Also, notice that Slendy openly attempted to kidnap a child in front of Damien. Right there, in the middle of the store. Whose ever heard of that? Ever? Think this through, people. Either the bone is dragging him into our world...or it's dragging you into his. How's that idea taste?

  10. Agreed, Gentleman Caller. I believe the bone is only making You more accessible/ susceptible to SM. I'd suggest getting rid of it, but fear that it is too late. It has already served it's purpose. That's not to say you shouldn't fight the good fight. You're doing a good job thus far, Damien...get rid of the bone and stay with us!

  11. I don't anything to say about the bone, but I think that there is only one Slender Man and this very erratic behavior is going on as an attempt to unnerve you as much as possible. This is going along with the idea that he feeds off of fear, or enjoys causing it, or is using it as a tactic to wear you down.
    Either way, it seems to be very effective, becuase what is more frightening than the unknown/ inexplicable?

    If I may say:
    the odds are not good, but fuck that and keep fighting!
    Good luck man

  12. Damien, I respect your struggle against the unknown, and you have my sympathy for all of your trials thus far. So, it is my intention to suggest some solutions to your current situation.

    Confer with The Arsonist. Thus far, he's done nothing for you that suggests he wants to destroy you. Indeed he knows more about the Slender chap than yourself.

    As for fighting something that acts without rules... wait! Where's that ToTheArk mask? I know another MacGuffin solving you problems is unlikely, however not acting is also dangerous.

  13. John-Shite. How did I miss that? "For When You Fight The Faceless." Maybe there is something about the mask that can give you an edge. Try wearing the mask the next time our Slender Stalker is around, eh?

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