Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News Report

I watched the news I recorded last night for any mention of the Wilcox house fire. There was only basic information, since the police didn't want to say too much about the investigation that early on.

What was of far more use was the noon news today. The chief of police was willing to speak about possible causes of the blaze, and someone had come forward with amateur footage of the fire. Both pieces of information were... disturbing

First, the police found the alleged body of Matthew Wilcox in his bedroom. The only reason this unsettles me is because, if it is his body, that is not where I last saw him. Someone moved the body, either TheArsonist while he was there or someone else entirely.

Second, Matthew Wilcox was burned far beyond recognition, to the point where police can't be certain it was actually him without running DNA tests first. They believe this person was, most likely, at the center of the fire. Their current interpretation of the events is that Matthew Wilcox was the first thing to catch fire in the home, and everything else went after.

Third, and the final revelation from the police, was that they currently have no idea what made the alleged Wilcox go up in flames or why his body was incinerated that fast.

Despite all this, what sent chills down my spine more than anything else, was the amateur footage. It was taken by a neighbor across the street a few minutes after the blaze became apparent. The clip starts simply enough, just the woman commenting worriedly about the fire and the possibility of it spreading as she records.

I smiled the slightest bit when I realized you could see me, phone in hand, talking to the 911 operator. I couldn't help it. I'm still human, and being on the news is always amusing. Until it isn't.

The woman with the camera turned it upwards, fire now pouring out the master bedroom window. The view passed by the window on the opposite side, and I felt myself go pale. I quickly rewound the recording, pausing it as the camera swept by the window. If I remember the layout of that house well enough from when I was a child, that was the old playroom where they let us kids run wild.

And the son of a bitch was standing there.

The thing that turned my life into this nightmare was right across the street from me yesterday, and he was watching me the whole damn time.


  1. All right, let's assume it was He Who Must Not be Named who moved “Wilcox”: what motive could he have to do so? Furthermore, why would he choose to set the place on fire?

  2. @Clockwork, HWMNBN has a history of setting fires, it's a bit of a trademark of his. It's true that in most of his recent documented actions he's been neglecting this part of his modus operandi, but there's no reason to expect that he'd avoid going back to it.
    As to motive, it could be a case of sending a message. We know, also from past experience, that he has a scary knack for knowing where somebody will be when he's actively stalking them so he could easily have done it to let Damien know he's still around.
    Or maybe I'm ascribing human motivations to a non-thinking, instinctive force of nature. That's one thing nobody's too sure about. As soon as we get him on a couch to share his thoughts, we'll have the case cracked.

  3. Well, at least you seem more angry than afraid. That's a good start. It seems you want a reckoning, and from what TA said during his conversation with your mom, it seems he wants something similar.

    Perhaps you could try to cajole The Arsonist into posting information on WTCB about what he did on those two days. Was he trying to get information from Wilcox and found him that way, or was he involved? Is he able to plant subconsious suggestions?

    This may seem like a silly bit of musing, but have you been wondering why your other self is called The Arsonist? Did you ever spend time researching combustible chemistry? Anything about time-delay fuses?

    I've been looking about online, and all I've found is that SM is occasionally found near fires. Not that he actually sets them. Perhaps he's merely attracted to them, like a moth? Then again, I haven't seen much if anything about repelling him, or his vulnerabilities. But, maybe TA found out something. Wish he'd stop being so coy, but then again there is the rest of the cult out there, so maybe he's worried they might be reading this too.